Double your revenue? Sure, this is what I would do…

My manifesto to seeing you grow your business

Every business is different

Every business owner is different

So how am I certain I could identify the key elements that will turn into revenue growth for your business?

It’s not because I am a genius… far from it

It’s not because I know your business inside out

And it’s definitely not because I have the secret formula to get you to 7 figures in 34 days with these simple 6.5 steps

But before I explain myself, my family use to have an Australian Terrier dog named Prince. Prince was very old. And by old, he was 26 years old (182 dog years), and was blind and deaf

And unfortunately for him, we moved house a lot

And every time he would first enter the house, instead of just sitting there feeling lost and disorientated, which he most definitely was, he would just start walking, and not soon after he would run straight into a wall

He did this for hours, and sometimes regularly days after, but it never stopped him from enjoying his day. Eventually, he would learn the layout of the house… then we would move again

Yes, there is an anecdote with this story, and yes it has to do with change, persistence, and success… but I like to think back on Prince as just a dog

A dog that didn’t have to worry about making ends meet

A dog that didn’t have to juggle success and family

Isn’t there times where you feel blind and deaf of what to do, while still managing the stresses of building and growing the business?

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